Debra’s Priorities

These are difficult times. It’s hard to know where to start to get Virginia back on track. These are just some of the issues that Debra will be focused on from day one.

Economic Stability and Covid Recovery

Debra is committed to rebuilding an economy that works for everyone and protects the dignity of work and equitable employment practices in the workplace. That includes:

  • Fighting for fair wages and giving all workers an equal chance to get ahead.
  • Creating transparency around economic development programs.
  • Supporting continued economic relief for small businesses and workers during the pandemic.

Quality Education for All

Investment in education develops new pathways to economic mobility. We need to get our education system back on track by:

  • Making sure all children have access to a well-rounded public education.
  • Paying teachers for the full value of their work.
  • Fighting for a strong COVID-19 recovery plan that protects our students and teachers so they can safely return to school.

Public Safety Reform

Our justice system should protect our most vulnerable citizens. It is critical that people trust that it will support and uplift our communities. With her background in public safety, Debra knows that to build that trust, we need to:

  • Train police officers and foster genuine bonds with the community.
  • Make our streets safer and our criminal justice system fairer.
  • Invest in evidence-based and community-based programs that reduce crime and help build safe and healthy communities.

Protecting Our Environment

The health of our environment is connected to the wellbeing of us all. It’s a moral issue, a health issue, a lifestyle issue, and an economic issue. Virginia’s environmental policy must:

  • Be based on data and science, not denial and ignorance.
  • Advance public health and economic opportunity for all inhabitants.
  • Require economic growth to be planned and responsible, so our natural resources and environment are sustainable.

Access to Affordable Health Care

In our current health and economic crisis, thousands of Virginians are without work and without healthcare. Debra is committed to working to:

  • Create more accessible and affordable health care options.
  • Ensure we have affordable mental health care and legitimate recovery support.
  • Drive down prescription medication costs for our hardworking families.