Putting People First


“I will bring my over thirty years of public service experience and work to ensure that residents of the 76th have access to affordable health care, to quality education, and to good-paying jobs. Particularly in these perilous times, it is critical to put people first — not political parties or special interest groups.”

Debra Gardner


Building Back From COVID

Rebuilding our economy means protecting workers, ensuring fair wages, and supporting small businesses  to make things better than before..

Quality Education For All

All of our children deserve to be safe and educated. And all of our teachers deserve to be valued for their work and paid accordingly.

Public Safety Reform

Investing in community and evidence-based programs can rebuild trust in our systems and protect our most vulnerable citizens.

Economic Stability

Debra is committed to fighting for fair wages, protecting the dignity of work, and supporting working families and small businesses.

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8/25/22 Meadowdale Library    9/12/22 LaPrade Library    9/14/22 North Courthouse Rd. Library
Times for all Sessions 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.



Working for You

Debra has dedicated her life to public service, first as a social worker and counselor and then as a leader in human services, public safety, and criminal justice. A tireless advocate for those in need, she will put her compassion, experience, and leadership skills to work for the residents of the 76th District.

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